Roof Evaluation, Reporting, Budgeting, and Planning

  • Existing portfolio, acquisition, and pre-disposition

  • Roof inspection, condition evaluation, lifespan assessment, moisture testing, issue identification

  • Suggested remediation, maintenance, and re-roofing scopes including budgets and timelines

  • Present and future budgeting for roof remediation, maintenance, and re-roofing options

  • Planned preventative maintenance programs

  • Roof life extension planning

  • Ongoing administrative support

Project Administration and Quality Assurance

We help our clients determine the roof choices that fit their situation, roof condition, and goals. We set the foundation for a successful project. Then we help make sure that they get what they pay for and experience smooth projects. 

  • Evaluation

  • Design and specification

  • Contractor prequalification

  • Contractor management  

  • Pre-Bid and bid management

  • Quality observation

  • Communications

Asset Management

We help clients reduce risk, budget for success, and gain a cumulative advantage through accurate, timely information. 

  • Serviceable roof life forecasting

  • Roof management planning and budgeting 

  • Predictive scopes and management path

  • Projected re-roof/major work budgeting given execution of management plan

Solar, Energy Savings, and Sustainability

We believe in sustainable systems because we believe in stewardship, but also because we have seen firsthand the significant, positive impact these systems can deliver to our clients' bottom line. We look at the roof with that in mind, and give our clients unbiased information with which to make intelligent choices about energy savings. 

Sustainable systems which we help deliver to our clients include: 

  • Solar

  • Green roofs (garden roofs) 

  • Smart insulation

  • Prismatic Skylights/Intelligent daylighting system

  • Feasibility

  • Design support

  • Financing and tax support

  • Owner representation and contract administration 

  • Warranty and specification compliance 

We bring energy contractors together with roof contractors to deliver seamless projects, warranties that are backed by the roofer, manufacturer, and integrator, and roofs that pay for themselves. 

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