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We recognize that our entire global population of people and businesses is dealing with a black swan event, and responding to the COVID19 outbreak responsibly, calmly, and together is of utmost importance for our communities, our families, and our businesses. 

There are many great resources available, and so we are going to simply link to those resources rather than duplicating information. Because this situation changes daily, we recommend getting information from the source as much as possible. 

If we can assist you with furthering your roofing priorities while you are focused on responding to the personnel, security, tenant, and other newfound piorities created by COVID19. Please don't hesitate to ask. We are honored by the trust that our clients place in us, and we earn that trust through integrity. We will serve you in the same way - confidentially, transparently, and effectively.  We are offering free consultation and support and will always notify you if a scope would require payment. 

A great resource for employee health and work place guidance resources. We are implementing OSHA COVID Guidelines for IRE Projects as well as working with our industry partners to ensure that their processes and protocols are adapted and risk management practices are in place.  

This is geared for contractors. Reviewing this as a project owner is also recommended so that you can take steps to ensure your contractors have protocols in place, updated insurances, and adapted project management plans 

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