Roof Evaluation, Reporting, Budgeting, and Planning

We give our clients the power of unbiased knowledge about the current condition of the roof. With this understanding, our clients can reduce risk, lower cost, and build value.


Commercial roof inspection, specific condition evaluation, lifespan assessment, moisture testing, leak investigation, roof diagramming, non-destructive moisture scanning. We do what needs to be done so you have the knowledge that you need. 


Suggested actions for remediation, maintenance, and re-roofing plans. So you have options that fit your goals, not someone else's. 


Budgets for those suggested actions. We work with leading contractors, manufacturers, and service partners to ensure accuracy and give you unbiased budgets for necessary remediation, maintenance, and re-roofing. So you can get the best value out of your roof given its current state, your budgets, and your goals.