About Us

 We are a layer of trust and a bridge to clarity for large commercial real estate owners and operators. Our team brings 80+ years of management and ownership experience in the technical, commercial, and consulting aspects of commercial roofing. We are, to a person, believers in integrity, ethics, and win/win business.


We have served on boards such as Energy Star Cool

Roof Rating Council, run public and private manufacturing

companies, and delivered millions of dollars in value to

Fortune 500 and large private clients nationally. We are

independent and connected. Relationships and

honesty drive what we do. 


We believe in an evidence-based, client-focused and

outcomes-oriented approach to managing the roof. We focus on

life extension and re-roofing options which reduce risk,

save money, and position the ownership for profitable

operations. The roof is a critical and often overlooked

element in improving building and financial performance

for large commercial enterprises. Our model gives our

clients a long-term partner who can give them unbiased

information -- this combination drives lower cost, lower

risk, and profit -- we have seen a few of our clients develop

roofs that pay for themselves. 


We bring a toolbox of contractors, manufacturers, systems,

and knowledge to every project in order to deliver the

solutions our clients need. 


We value our clients, industry relationships, and

communities and we give 1% of our gross revenue to

charities which are impacting the next generation and

our environment.


We appreciate you visiting us online. If you own and or manage commercial roofs, we would be honored to introduce our team to you and learn about your business and role.