Because you deserve to trust - genuinely trust - that your best interests come first. 


We are commercial roofing and roof systems specialists -- an unbiased expert service partner for commercial roof owners and managers. 


We are not a contractor.

We are not a sales rep.

We are not tied to any roofer or manufacturer. 

We serve our clients transparently. 


Our Goals? Through our involvement, to directly save our clients money, reduce their liability exposure, and deliver profit throughout the roof life-cycle.


Our Commitments

We serve our clients best interests and focus on reducing Risks and costs

We serve our client's best interests and help them reduce risks, lower costs, and increase profit and value.

We serve our communities by giving 5-10% of our net profit back to charity.

We Focus on Excellence

While we stay on the cutting edge of what is available in roofing, we also learn how a product, system, or methodology is performing before we use them. We do our due diligence, but remain open to new solutions.

we honor our relationships and Remain independent.

We serve our clients, roofing contractors, fellow specialists, manufacturers, and the industry in general by remaining independent and giving qualified providers an open chance to compete on their merits.

We operate with integrity

We help our customers make decisions that save them money, lower their risk, and increase their profit. We do so by communicating honestly and bringing the best solutions we can to every problem.  

Roof Inspection, Analysis, Reporting
Project Coordination and Administration
Planning, Budgeting, Asset Management
Energy Savings Programs and Packages


Our client's privacy is important to them, so it is important to us; please Contact Us for detailed case studies. 

Thin Film Solar Distribution Center
60 Mil PVC Over Office Roof
Ballasted Solar on PVC Base
Thin Film Solar with EPDM Base


Please note we are a commercial roof specialist and we are not involved in residential roofing. If you need help, we recommend that you search Angie's List and call multiple references for any roofer you are considering -- if the roofer does not have references, do not use them. 


Mandana T., Asset Manager

IRE has assisted me and our other asset manager as well as our acquisitions director (at a private real estate investment firm with office, industrial, and retail properties nationwide) with analyzing roof condition and suggesting a range of repairs and replacements depending upon property type, location, and our business plan. They are thorough, knowledgeable, and very patient when it comes to explaining things to folks whose knowledge base is limited.

What Our Clients Say

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